Our Story

“By the work, one knows the workman.” -Jean de la Fontaine.

Welcome to 10|ARTISANS, home of exclusively designed pieces made by hand.

Our curated collection arises from combining our instinctual good taste with passion and enthusiasm, achieving an impeccable selection of works of art. We’re drawn to timeless, airy, simple elements that may initially go overlooked, but once noticed, are unforgettable. Best of all, each piece is unique or limited edition.

We believe in beauty, the people behind it, the stories told by every piece, and especially our sense to select them.

Choosing a piece from our collection not only shows your sensibility and appreciation – it supports a design process where every detail and every element have been carefully sewn, weaved, engraved, and carved by hand.

Thank you for trusting 10|ARTISANS… Luxury, handmade.

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