• The origin of The Fleur-de-Lis, iconic symbol of our Little Box.

    The Little Box Collection was inspired by a spacious antique wooden chest and an old music box, with a vintage look and marked by time. It is distinguished by a Fleur-de-Lis stamp on the front lid, as a symbol depicting a stylized lily or lotus flower. The English translation of “fleur-de-lis”(sometimes spelled “fleur-de-lys”) is “flower …

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    We’re excited about the top décor trends of this year! From natural wood finishes to the art of mixing and matching colors and textures. – But where to start? We rounded up some design inspiration based on 2017 décor trends, to bring a little refresh to your space. You don’t need to completely remodel to [...] More  →
  • Travel Inspiration | Trip to Bogota

    It's no secret that we at 10 Artisans have a thing for traveling… Whether it's a journey across the ocean for a grand adventure or just hopping in the car for a weekend getaway, we'll take any chance to get out and explore, and with each new destination we visit our ideas get better. Today, [...] More  →
  • The Beauty of Natural Leather!

    Soft, flexible and highly durable, leather is a versatile and universally popular material for making various goods, such as clothing, accessories, bookbinding, and furniture covering. The use of leather is without a doubt one of the oldest human activities. In the ancient world, skins obtained from hunting were used for clothing or to build tents, [...] More  →
  • 2016 Holiday Gift Guide – Unique handmade gifts for everyone on your list

    Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, Three Kings Day or something else, the truth is that the winter holidays are all about the spirit of giving, family and friends gathering, and a lot of eating and decorating… Did we mention exchanging gifts? Yes, we know, you need that perfect something for that perfect someone. [...] More  →

    Dust once a week with a clean, dry cloth or a soft brush. Dirt and dust work as abrasives on leather. Dry the leather immediately if it gets wet with liquids. Absorb spilled liquids so that the liquid does not have time to penetrate into the leather. Use a clean, soft cloth or sponge. Do …

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    Located almost 80 km from the east coast of Nicaragua and 775 km off the northwest Colombian coast lies the island of San Andres. Encompassing a total area of 26 km2 becomes the largest island of the archipelago of San Andrés, Providence and Santa Catalina islands. It’s surrounded by the third barrier reef in the …

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    She took off her shoes and raced to confront what frightened her. She knew that her life would never be the same, though it could certainly be better. Her books, her chair, her pen… the silence. All of this would be take away from her by cries, laughter, cooing. Would she ever be able to …

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    I left my island because fate pointed me go down south. I resisted the idea of turning my back to the sun and the sea, the land that witnessed my birth…until I found the way to take it all with me. I met a native of Lyon, France, who had fallen in love with the …

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